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People who reply in chat ending with a comma,

Introducing the Sleepytime Clock

Sleepytime Clock is meant to help you figure out when to set the alarm in order to match your sleeping cycles. Most people will know by now that one wants to wake up in the early phases of the sleep cycle, and this is my analog take on the problem.

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Get it done

Procrastinating too much? Start out small, just a corner, go for it.

pylibmc 1.2.3 release candidate

A new pylibmc is in the works and I would love it if I could get some attention to this, the release is available on the Google Group thread:

pylibmc 1.2.3 release thread


So you're a joker?

I read an article by some guy called SM on the subject of jokers, he's saying the world is full of jokers - people who talk a lot but do little.

I am a fuck-up at my current workplace - I handle sick leaves poorly, I show up for work five minutes late rather than five minutes early; I am a fuck-up at house chores - I rarely do the dishes, laundry is everywhere, cleaning is the last thing I think about; I sometimes fuck up with friends - I miss out on keeping in touch, I borrow money and forget about it, I hit on some poor guy's ex, the list goes on.

I am not a fuck-up in my true nature, in fact I'm probably more of an over-zealous Asperger kid inside. I don't give up before it's too late, and I find a way when I need to. I move heaven and earth, as SM puts it.

At first the logics seem counter-intuitive, but really it's an ages old problem: you have an infinite set of chores, and a limited rate of chore churning. How do you balance the workload; what do you do well, half-assed and not at all? More often than not, there is a conflict of interest between the various aspects of life. You have to call the shots.

The todo list is the only way to avoid being a joker. You will have to defer tasks. That's just reality. You will sometimes defer tasks up to a point where you realize, "ah man wish I was going to do this but I'm not." That's not being a joker, that's just you being rational.

So while I agree that it's a good thing to go into tunnel vision mode and just churn out a product in no time, it's also not a viable lifestyle. SM makes it seem as if the only way to live is 150% speed all the time and get rich.

Call me complicated, but I want more out of life than that. If what it takes to make piles of money is complete tunnel vision, then I shall have none of it. Let me sit smug-faced in my middle-class bed and enjoy life before it flashes me by.

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