pylibmc 0.5.5

This release gives you access to all constants which libmemcached actually has, not only the documented ones (as the documentation I referred to was old.)

Get it while it's hot!
sudo easy_install -U pylibmc

pylibmc 0.5.4

Yes! Another day, another release!

No but really, made some fine bug fixes for 64-bit platforms so this is a release for that.

pylibmc 0.5.3

I know, I know. It's getting ridiculous. But I noticed some major flaws and I had to fix them. So I did.

So, once again, upgrade!

pylibmc 0.5.1

Sorry for all the releases today, but I had to. I felt like it. And it's my code, so screw you guys.

Anyway, as per request by Johan Bergström, here's some benchmarking data (click to see whole):
  • Median call times were used, and calls per second calculated using that value.
  • All libraries were warmed-up.
  • All tests were ran 30 000 times on each implementation.
  • All tests ran against a TCP connection to localhost.
  • cmemcache doesn't have a set_multi or delete_multi, so I emulated those two for it. It just calls the simple set/delete with every key.
Anyway, go upgrade!
sudo easy_install -U pylibmc

New version of pylibmc, again: 0.5

This release only fixes a couple of memory leaks I noticed.

I know, I suck at math.
sudo easy_install -U pylibmc

Just in: pylibmc 0.4 released

Believe it or not, there's a new version of pylibmc out!

Major changes this time:
  • Renamed handmc (the C module) to _pylibmc, as is Python custom.
  • Implemented reading and writing of libmemcached behaviors. This means you can now use consistent hashing via FNV1A 32 if you'd like that.
sudo easy_install -U pylibmc

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